A broadcast of the National Austrian Television (ORF-Tirol)

http://tirol.orf.at/stories/144027/, 2006-11-17


Less accidents through new Road Wildlife Protector

Within the valley of Gurgl (Gurgltal) at the Mieminger road (Miemingerstraße) between Nassereith and Imst a test has been in place since early spring 2006 to evaluate a special Road Wildlife Protector device.  It has shown great success, as the accident rate has dropped remarkably.


Warning sound and flashing light keeps wildlife away from roads

Since May along the road between Nassereith and Imst new Road Wildlife Protectors have been mounted on guide posts.  If a vehicle’s headlights are detected, a sound and flash of blue light are emitted. The result is that it prevents animals from crossing the road.

According the statistics, the system works perfect

20 to 30 accidents have been counted each year by the Chief District Hunter Norbert Krabacher before the new protectors were mounted.  Since the protectors were installed, the number of accidents has been reduced to only two.

Costs are relatively high

The test section is Six kilometers long.  The installation cost was around €19000.  Financing was covered half by “Baubezirksamt Imst” (local road maintenance) and the Uniqa Insurance Company. The hunters association has been responsible for the deployment and will take care for the maintenance. 

Country of Tirol shows interest on the Road Wildlife Protector System

The officials of the Country of Tirol are positive in respect to the “beeping protectors”. Now is the time to test and to remove “teething problems” if any are found.  After finishing the tests, the protectors will be deployed all across Tyrol, at all wildlife crossings.